90 by 30 to deliver first ‘Welcome Baby Boxes’

Aug. 8, 2018 — Lane County’s 90 by 30 Child Abuse Prevention Project operates on the belief that communities can reduce abuse and neglect by implementing protective strategies to provide social, emotional and educational support to families as they embark on the adventure of parenting.

West Lane 90 by 30 is just now implementing a strategy that serves this purpose.

This week, 90 by 30 team members and Healthy Families staff will deliver the first of many “Welcome Baby Boxes.” This internationally recognized program tells new parents that there is a whole community who cares about them and their baby.

90 by 30 hopes to deliver a box to the families of each and every new baby in the region, including Florence, Mapleton, Swisshome, Deadwood, Westlake and Dunes City.

The box, which can serve as a safe sleep space for newborns for their first few months, is filled with a variety of practical items and a valuable resource binder with health and safety information and local resources.

Also included is a DVD called “Period of Purple Crying” and a purple hat for babies, which informs parents about strategies to calm babies and the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome. 90 by 30 hopes to deliver boxes three to six weeks prior to the baby’s due date, but can be delivered shortly after the baby’s birth.

Those who like to knit or crochet can join 90 by 30 and the Flying Needles and Hooks of the Siuslaw for a “Stitch-a-Thon” in the Bromley Room of the Siuslaw Public Library on Tuesday, Aug. 14, from 3 to 5 p.m. All materials, patterns and snacks will be provided.

The “Welcome Baby Box” is free to new parents thanks to a generous grant from the Western Lane Community Foundation and contributions from collaborators.

The 90 by 30 team needs a safe, dry, easily accessible storage space for the boxes and contents. There is also an ongoing need for items for the boxes.

For more information about how to help or how have a baby box delivered, email [email protected] or call 541-590-0779.

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