2nd Saturday Gallery Tour September

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Visit Florence artists, galleries and venues

Enjoy Florence’s 2nd Saturday Gallery Tour on Saturday, Sept. 9, from 3 to 5 p.m.

This self-guided tour inspires locals and visiting tourists alike and reinforces Florence as an ever-evolving arts destination. Enjoy great local art, interactions with fellow patrons and artists, receptions, refreshments, live entertainment and community.

For more information, visit 2ndSaturdayGalleryTour.com.

Backstreet Gallery

Kathryn Damon-Dawson, a watercolor painter, is featured at Backstreet Galleryfor the month of September.

In conjunction with Florence’s 10th annual Rods ’n’ Rhodies, Sept. 8 to 10, Kathryn is painting a series titled, “Reimagined Snap-

shots.” Selecting black and white photos from 1958-60 found in old family albums, her recent paintings reflect an era of youthful, rural innocence.

Storefronts with hand-painted signs serve as backdrops to parked Chevrolets and Fords. An irreverent red and white Commander Studebaker invades the territory in “Command Performance.”

Kathryn’s children’s book, “Dogs, Crows and the Corn-Chip Dance,” will also be featured.

She is a founding member of Backstreet Gallery, a cooperative corporation, which has provided display space for over 12 years to a large number of artists and authors.

The gallery will serve catered food and beverages during the gallery tour, with live music.

Florence Events Center Galleries One and Five

The Friends of FEC’s Gallery Committee has announced an exhibit showcasing the artwork of award winning artist Colleen Chronister-Goodwin during September.

Goodwin-Chronister resides in Florence and her contemporary realism style allows her to create exquisite oil paintings, which reflect a rich color palette and meticulous attention to detail.

“My paintings are evocative visual statements. They reflect our world through my eyes — a magical interpretation,” she said. “The world is an endless source of inspiration and excitement for me, and my goal is to share that experience with the viewer.”

Goodwin-Chronister has lived on both the East and West Coast, and earned her B.A. and teaching credential from California State University, Fresno.

She has won acclaim for her unique paintings, earning prestigious awards in juried shows throughout the country and a place for her work in many private collections.

Meet this esteemed artist and view some of her works at a reception at the FEC, where refreshments will be served.

Gallery Above The Silver Lining Boutique

The Gallery Above is proud to introduce Annie Raymond, talented acrylic painter and artist extraordinaire, for the month of September. This is her first showing in Florence.

Raymond will have a champagneand hors d’oeurve reception during the 2nd Saturday Gallery Tour.

Raymond is able to capture the wonderment of the world through her larger than life originals. She masterfully manipulates her colorful, complex compositions to fill the world with light-filled creations.

Her subject matters include animated depictions of everyday, children’s pictures and animals with character and attitudes.

All are brightly painted and bring out the optimism that should be a part of each of our days.

Raymond is a gifted mother, wife and artist. She has a love for the creative life, and has been able to create through pencils, acrylic paints and mixed media.

She feels blessed to be married to a wonderful man and have a beautiful 18-month-old daughter.

Raymond is donating 100 percent of her proceeds from this show to the charity organization “Sumaritan’s Purse,” which sets up medical clinics near Mosel, Iraq, and feeds the people of Sudan.

The Studios at Jayne Smoley Designs

Robert E. Hefty is displaying his canvas and board oil paintings at The Studios in Historic Old Town Florence.

“Painting is an expensive hobby, but I have enjoyed doing it since I retired in 2000,” Hefty said.

He specializes in non-objective art, creating dramatic patterns and movement on recycled canvas and board.

“This kind of art is not trying to duplicate anything in nature, but it may be struggling to express something that can’t be said. It can be discussed, ignored or enjoyed for its color, shapes and order — but the beauty that has been created lies in the eyes of thebeholder,” Hefty said.

The Studios also has a full month of classes posted on JayneSmoleyDesign.com.

Visit the featured and resident artists, enjoy refreshments and view a wide array of art while listening to Florence musician Denny Weaver Saturday.

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