2nd Saturday Gallery Tour explores the arts in Florence

Monthly tour promotes arts

Enjoy Florence’s 2nd Saturday Gallery Tour on Saturday, July 8, from 3 to 5 p.m.

This self-guided tour inspires locals and visiting tourists alike and reinforces Florence as an ever-evolving arts destination. Enjoy great local art, interactions with fellow patrons and artists, receptions, refreshments, live entertainment and community.

Backstreet Gallery

During July, Backstreet Gallery, 1421 Bay St., is pleased to feature weaver and jewelry artist Meredith Draper and Susan Thomas, pastel artist.

During the 2nd Saturday Gallery Tour, the gallery honors them with a reception featuring music, great food and original art.

Draper joined the gallery 9 years ago and has played an important role in making the gallery what it is today. She presently serves as president.

She has dusted off her loom and currently adds beautifully hand-woven scarves to her collection of vintage timepiece jewelry.

Using pastels, Thomas shows a masterful touch that makes one pause and enjoy the exceptional beauty of her work and wonder if it might be painting. She works in soft pastels with bold strokes. Her creations show her special talent in use of vivid color in contrasting shades bathed in light. Her dramatic work definitely lights up a room.

Join Backstreet at their reception or stop by the gallery this month to see the work of these talented artists.

Florence Regional Arts Alliance

Florence Regional Arts Alliance, 120 Maple St. in Old Town, has added the artwork of Katie Miller to the Youth Wall in its gallery. Miller has been drawing, painting and creating as far back as she can remember.

“I enjoy changing things up and working in a variety of mediums, but I always come back to colored pencil,” said Miller. “I love the precision of the pencils, the lack of mess and the ease of setting up. It does take time to layer the colors, one light application over another, slowly building up to heavier layers near the end — but I enjoy the process.”

Animals are Miller’s favorite subject, be they wild, domestic or only imagined. She likes their vibrant colors and graceful motion, and strives to capture those qualities in her work.

Miller’s artwork will be on display at FRAA Wednesdays through Sundays during July.

The public is encouraged to come and meet this creative young artist while enjoying refreshments July 8.

The Gallery Above The Silver Lining Boutique

Artist extraordinaire Kyle Lind is the featured artist for the entire month of July. His mixed media art show will leave you filled with wonderment.

A champagne and hors d’oeuvres reception will be held during the 2nd Saturday Gallery Tour.

In addition to the gallery showing one of his largest pieces — 8 by 15 feet — many other inks, oils, acrylics and mixed montages will be available.

In addition to the Gallery Above being filled with his works, he also has a fully mobile art gallery, complete with lights, in the back of the Silver Lining Boutique, which will be fi lled with other art pieces he has created.

Kyle is a famous fixture in the art world and has history with some of the most well known artists in modern history, such as Andy Warhol, Kandinsky and more.

“All my life I have done art — I think in an effort to find God,” Lind said. “What is the meaning of my being here on this planet? It has not been easy.”


The Studios at Jayne Smoley Designs

Resident artists Tamara Phillips, Gigi Lassan and Jayne Smoley invite all to “Ebb & Flo” during the 2nd Saturday Gallery Tour. Live music by Denny Weaver, refreshments and wine and conversations with the artists are all part of this featured show.

The Studios will also feature a popup boutique by entrepreneur Lindsey Phillips, owner of Meant MFG, based in Florence.

Phillips’ handcrafted bags feature Pacific Northwest materials and a unique eye for versatility and fashion.

Tamara Phillips will be presenting an underwater landscape of jellyfish and magical figures.

“Art is a tool that I use to express myself. Drawing inspiration from the stars, the colors of the ocean and the mysterious jellyfish, I use my paintbrushes, canvas and paint to create a world from my imagination,” she said.

Visit The Studios for an underwater tour, Lassan’s unique jewelry designs and paintings and Smoley’s fused glass creations.

Other 2nd Saturday Gallery Tour locations include Florence Events Center, Siuslaw Public Library and galleries in Historic Old Town Florence and Uptown Highway 101. The tour begins at any of the participating locations. For more information, visit 2ndSaturdayGalleryTour.com.