2018 Midterm Election Results

Nov. 6, 2018 — The 2018 election came to a close on Tuesday, as residents of the Siuslaw region cast their final ballots on a variety of important issues from a Siuslaw School District bond, the Florence City Councilor’s race and several issues in Dunes City that representatives feel could shape the future of the city.

Results are culled from Lane County and the Oregon Secretary of State.

Look for a full analysis of election results in Saturday’s edition of the Siuslaw News.

* Denotes a projected winner/result. Lane County and the Oregon Secretary of State have not released final vote counts.

Results as of 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

Local contested races and measures

City of Florence City Council

Geraldine Lucio: 2,048*

Maureen Miltenberger: 1,840

Woody Woodbury: 2,964*

Write-in: 79

Write-in: 7

Oregon House of Representatives District Nine

Teri Grier: 13,365

Caddy McKeown: 15,921*


Siuslaw School Bond Measure, 20-291

Yea: 3,615

Nay: 4,933*

Dunes City Marijuana Prohibition, Measure 20-293

Yea: 566*

Nay: 331

Dunes City Amending Constitution Allowing Municipal Judge, Measure 20-294

Yea: 313

Nay: 547*

Dunes City Local Option Tax for City Operations, Measure 20-295

Yea: 244

Nay: 645*

Lane County STAR Voting, Measure 20-290

Yea: 74,408

Nay: 82,157*

Local Uncontested races

City of Florence Mayor

Joe Henry: 3,245*

Write-in: 205

Dunes City Council and Mayor

Mayor Robert Forsythe: 490*

Write-in: 39

Councilor Sheldon Meyer: 465*

Councilor Susan Snow: 471*

Councilor Duke Wells: 507*

Write-in: 76

West Commissioner Position 1

Jay Bozievich: 18,826*

Write-in: 1,170

State Measures

Allowing local bonds for financing affordable housing, Measure 102

Yea: 928,943*

Nay: 723,075

Prohibits Sales Tax on Groceries, Measure 103

Yea: 718,870

Nay: 955,121*

Expanding ‘Raising Revenue” Definition, Measure 104

Yea: 574,398

Nay: 1,068,267*

Overturn ‘Sanctuary State’ Law, Measure 105

Yea: 623,096

Nay: 1,049,203*

Prohibition of Public Funds for Abortion, Measure 106

Yea: 604,556

Nay: 1,074,181*

State Races


Aaron Auer (C): 18,865

Nick Chen (L): 24,740

Kate Brown (D): 834,148*

Knute Buehler (R): 751,304

Patrick Starnes (I): 49,093

Chris Henry (P): 9,690

Write-in: 2,874

Fourth Congressional District

Art Robinson (R): 149,616

Richard Jacobson (L): 5,181

Mike Beilstein (PG): 5,718

Peter DeFazio (D):204,046*

Write-in: 487


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