11 state election; Accomplish more, disagree less; Kent most qualified — Letters to the Editor, May 8, 2019

I think we all would feel better, be happier and live longer if we just drop the feeling that 'I am always right and you never are.'

Might as well just hold elections in 11 states

Keith Kraft recently stated in a Letter to the Editor (“Electoral College Protects Against Dictatorship,” April 27) that “The Electoral College makes minority opinion relevant whereas the popular vote for president leaves that decision to a half-dozen heavily populated states.”

I hope he wrote this in jest because the popular vote includes “everyone” that votes, whereas the Electoral College requires just 270 votes to win the election — and they can be captured by wining just 11 States.

California – 55; Texas – 38; Florida – 29; New York – 29; Pennsylvania – 20; Illinois – 20; Ohio – 18; Georgia – 16; North Carolina – 15; New Jersey – 14; Virginia – 12

In Mr. Kraft’s assessment, why have a general election and just not hold elections in the 11 states listed above because a vote “by the people and for the people” is swayed by a few states.

—Win Jolley


We would accomplish more by disagreeing less

Being a devote “Non-Affiliate” and an avid disbeliever in partisan politics, I am constantly amazed at the statements from the Tweets and chatter coming from the talking heads in Washington D.C.

It is very obvious that these people have never really listened to what they are saying.

For example, there has been a pack of Tweets from the President blaming the Democratic party for his not being able to fulfill one of the many promises he made during his campaign of what looked similar to organized riots in 2016. I distinctly remember my 8th grade social studies classes covering the organization and the responsibilities of the various arms of the government. 

At that time, there was no major animosity between the two parties, and society seemed to get along with each other quite well.

Now, it seems, we have gotten to a point where the two parties are blaming each other for everything from the fires in California to constipation.  Neither of these problems will be solved by yelling at each other. 

What the President needs to understand is that his opposition is not from a political party at all, but rather is caused by a thing called democracy

We don’t elect a king or monarch to tell us how to think, what to do — so we rely on our elected officials to work together in running our country.

It was an experiment that started well over 200 years ago and still appears to be working rather well.

I think we all would feel better, be happier and live longer if we just drop the feeling that “I am always right and you never are.”

—Charles Pennington


Kent most qualified to represent Lane ESD

I believe that Nora Kent is the best person for Lane Educational Service District Board. I am currently attending her mathematics, morning and afternoon class at LCC, which I have participated in for several months.

Nora Kent once said to me “We want our students to be effective in the world.” Nora has held true to this statement everyday.

Here is why I believe Nora Kent is the best person to fill this important position:

1. Nora has organized multiple community events to better educate our students to be effective in todays world.

2. She offers individualized resources and assistance. She cares a lot about our success.

3. She brings passion for learning, with world views, political outreach, and up to date learning platforms.

4. She keeps informed about educational issues and creates ways to solve them.

5. She is a voice for the needs of our rural schools and people, representing us with passion and integrity.

6. Nora has a bright, inovative and dedicated mind ready for the challenges ahead.

I can’t imagine anyone better suited to represent zone 4 on lane ESD Board.

—Gem Ridge



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